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Popular questions and answers

1What guarantees do you offer?
We offer all customers on high quality investments, for materials used during construction and for pricing in the current market. This means they must have their price, our main target is to find assets at a lower price and than offer great deal to you, with the possibility of short term gain.
2How do you assist me during buying or selling properties?
All our customers will get for free the Five Diamonds support package for buying and selling. This package includes the complete legal process in every phase of the deal thanks to our team of experts that will guide you step by step. We also have a notary in our headquarters exclusively for our clients.
3How do I know that a house in Ibiza is a good investment?
It is sufficient to look at official data provided by Spanish Ministry of Economy since 2014. In this period value in Ibiza went up by 18% per year! Also consider that because of its climate, wild nature, rich services and easily reachable from all Europe geographic position, Ibiza represents the perfect destination for more tourists that are choosing it as place to stay in for great part of the year.
4What are real costs related to buying a property in Ibiza?
Aside from the property, the customer must bear these costs:
  • Notary costs: tariffs are regulated by the State and are equal for all services. During execution prices vary from 600 to 875 Euros, depending on property cost.
  • Cadastre: cadastral certificates identify precisely the asset. Tariffs are set by rules and vary depending on the property, usually between 400 and 650 Euros.
  • Tax: the amount depends on property price and varies if it is new construction…
    - For new houses, the main expense is IVA, 10% of the house, for old ones 4%
    - Recorded juridical acts (IAJD), tax derived from notary sign and registration in cadastre, generally between 0,5 and 1,5% of sale value
    - Registry Tax (ITP), amount depends on percentages of the process, usually between 6 and 10%
With a mortgage there are additional costs…
  • Property tax: an expert establishes property value, so the bank can decide the amount of the loan. Usually it is around 80% of buying price or estimated value. The expert cost is offered by Five Diamonds so it is free for its clients
  • Other: signing for mortgage comprehends all these extra expenses. But, because of recent verdicts, not all of them must be paid by the customer. Banks like BBVA, Bankia and Santander pay for some of these costs, and they are a direct rapport with Five Diamonds
5How can you help me with special requests?
Our customers can fill in the form online below or directly in our agency, indicating all characteristics they desire for the property. Position, number of rooms, swimming pool, garden, etc… Thanks to the big contact network of Five Diamonds we are able to find quickly the house you are looking for and to organize a visit.

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