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We are an Italo - Russian real estate investment company with registered office in ibiza in paseo Juan Carlo I, 21 in the center of marina Botafoch, the most exclusive part of the city and the whole island.
Our main objective is to allow our customers to invest in the real estate market of Ibiza in order to make them make investments with a high rate of profitability, with high margins of security and lasting over time. In addition, our company is responsible for taking over the management of rented properties providing the owners with a range of exclusive services that allow us to follow the property itself even in the post-rental phase. We provide the owners with all the necessary guarantees for the property entrusted to us to endure in the best structural and component conditions compared to when we took over the management and we also provide the guarantee to receive payment of the sums contractually established with the tenant through the provision of a clause in which our company undertakes to pay the rent payment in case of non-compliance by the tenant. Finally, we are engaged in the provision of some services necessary for all customers who want to enjoy an exclusive holiday in Ibiza such as: renting boats of different sizes, renting cars belonging to different market segments, security service, consierge and reservations within of the main social and night events that the island offers and many others, also customizable to meet the most demanding requirements.

The philosophy behind our business and commercial strategy is to consider money as a fundamental means to improve the quality of our time and that of our customers. We firmly believe that any investment made by one of our clients, regardless of its nature, has as its fundamental focus that of raising the quality of the time that is spent and therefore of life in general. In fact, you go to the restaurant to spend quality time with your family and friends, you buy a car of the latest generation to make the comfort and safety of your travels higher quality through the use of modern technologies. You invest your money maybe for a holiday in the tropics, in which to experience moments of higher quality compared to those of the daily routine, to live live the dream of following your own team of the heart maybe engaged in a Champions League final or the world cup, there are even people who decide to invest large sums to try the thrill of launching with the parachute or who decide to climb the everest and so 'way. Each of us attributes our personal meaning to the quality of the time he decides to spend. However, every single person on the planet has a clear idea that in order to raise the quality of one's time, one needs to raise one's level of wealth. The purchase of a property is no exception, on the contrary, it falls, if possible, even more incisively in our philosophy as it is perceived by everyone as a primary asset. In fact, it is a matter of primary good and it is in this case that our company, the FIVE DIAMONDS, comes into play! Our team made of real experts in the field of real estate investments, thanks to a consolidated experience, has managed to implement a strategy that has already allowed a growing number of customers, all over the world, to make investments that have registered an incisive increase in its value over time and with immediate return. We use a single business strategy simply because it works, it has already produced the results we have forecast for our customers and we do not need any other.

Before explaining in detail the fundamental cornerstones of our strategy it is fundamental to answer a question: why Ibiza? Yeah, we could have decided to invest in any other part of the world, so why, just after a careful study of the parameters of the global real estate market lasted 3 years, have we chosen the pearl of the Balearic Islands? The answer lies in the results of the analysis that our team of experts has realized taking into consideration the last 6 years starting from 2014, namely: In Ibiza in 2014 there was an increase in the number of trades of 15% compared to the previous year and an increase in prices of 10%, with a marketing time of a well-located house of 12 months, reduced to 3-9 months for buildings in the most exclusive areas of the island (DATA ISTAT). At the end of 2015 the price increase was double compared to the previous year, with an annual growth of 23.6% (with the average price per square meter in the city of Ibiza of € 3.594 against € 2,909 in 2014, according to the data reported by Idealista). With reference to the number of sales, in 2015 a 30% increase in sales was recorded compared to the previous year. According to a report by the Spanish Ministry of Development in April 2016, in the first quarter of that year in Ibiza real estate sales were made for € 703 million, of which € 368 million correspond to purchases made by foreigners who, therefore, have paid more than half of what has been accounted for real estate transactions. 3,122 homes were sold (2,838 second-hand and 284 new buildings), of which 1,211 were bought by foreigners who, therefore, bought two properties for every five sold. Another sign of the sharp recovery in the real estate market is the increase in the number of building companies that increased by 25% between 2014 and 2017, reaching a similar number to the one before the 2009 crisis.

The demand of foreign buyers of real estate is concentrated in the city of Ibiza and surroundings, the most sought after properties are those of the old part of the city and the most exclusive of the island of Marina Botafoch, where prices are soaring, coming to pay even 1,000,000 euros for a 100 square meter apartment. Due to the lack of supply of real estate in these areas of main interest, the real estate market in the north of the island is becoming attractive, where you can still find houses at affordable prices to a wider public, and the west area, which is already very appreciated both for the right distance from the airport and the city of Ibiza that for the proximity with the most suggestive beaches of the island. In the eastern part of the island, on the other hand, the demand for first-home properties is being concentrated. The nationalities of the buyers rose to 15, with the Germans in the lead, followed by Spaniards, English, French, Swiss, Italian and Benelux. It is the stability of the market and the extraordinary quality of life that attracts foreign buyers to Ibiza for the purchase of the second home or for the choice of the island as a place of residence, given the geographical proximity with all the countries of the European Union , excellent services, air connections and climate.

Our experts fully agree with the major operators in the sector to believe that the growth of the real estate market in Ibiza will last over the years, at least for the next 20 considering the increase in demand from foreigners and the scarcity of the offer due , as well as the physical limits of the island, by the strict urban planning and landscape regulations. From 2017, legislation has come into force that severely restricts the possibility of building on rustic funds, with the prescription of size and size constraints where permitted. In this context it is easy to understand why renting an apartment in Ibiza is always more expensive, with the rental market following the growth trend of real estate sales.

The demand for buying houses in Ibiza is constantly expanding, with greater growth in the luxury sector. The island, in fact, is receiving more and more interest from the international jet set as shown by the traffic of private aircraft in its airport, the success of the most exclusive hotels and clubs in the world appeared on the island and the transit of super yachts in the port. when it was made suitable to accommodate boats up to 70 meters, it became one of the most exclusive docks in the Mediterranean. Even for real estate investments, it is preferred to places like Saint Tropez or Montecarlo for the variety of offers and prices, with a still dynamic and unsaturated property market, despite the opening towards America, Asia and the Middle East.

In light of this situation in Ibiza there is the possibility of buying houses that can be resold in a short time with an interesting price increase or that can be easily entered into the profitable rental market. Nothing excludes, then, to buy a first or second home to spend time on the magnificent island throughout the year, considering the air connections that make it easily accessible from all over Europe, not to mention the extraordinary climatic conditions that make it unique in Worldwide.


Our company strategy consists in managing within our portfolio only real estate to be offered to customers who have the following characteristics: 1) Which are located in areas characterized by an expanding demand for real estate. 2) Which show a high and proven quality of the materials used in the construction. 3) That they are totally free from burdens and that they have no inclinations towards the public administration or private subjects. 4) THAT ARE PURCHASED AT A COST THAT IS PUTS UNDER THE VALUES OF THE CURRENT MARKET.    The strict observation of these property search parameters has allowed us to implement our commercial strategy consisting of:

  1. To propose to the customer only the purchase of a property that has the characteristics listed above, at a lower price than the market.
  2. To give the client the possibility to realize the investment by paying a variable advance between 15% and 35% of the total, covering the remaining part by switching on loans or loans provided by credit institutions with which our company boasts consolidated collaboration agreements. We always communicate in advance to our customers both the amount of the amount to be paid as an advance for each property and the monthly fee to be paid on the basis of the different types of financial simulation proposed. Obviously, this possibility does not imply any constraints of any kind for our clients, who therefore may decide to personally contact their personal bank credit institution and decide to independently provide financing for the purchase of the property.
  3. In the phase immediately following the acquisition of the property our company undertakes contractually with the customer to rent the property within and not later than 2 months from the date of acquisition, at a monthly rental price that allows it to cover significantly the costs of the mortgage itself. The guarantee for our customers is given by the fact that if after 2 months we do not find any customer willing to rent the property we commit ourselves contractually to pay to our customer the predetermined amount until a customer is found willing to rent the property. the same building.
  4. While our client has become owner of a property in ibiza paying only a small advance compared to the total, with the significant monthly coverage of mortgage expenses while the value of the property continues to grow. Already from the first year we guarantee the customer the possibility to resell the property purchased at a price 10% higher, 15% from the second year and 20% from the third year. This is only possible thanks to the particular conditions of the property purchased and to the forward-looking markenting strategy implemented by our department specialized in communication, digital marketing and advertising.

What we have described has already happened. We have already achieved remarkable results thanks to the customers who wanted to give us their trust and who are happy to have done so. We ask you to trust us and in return we are committed to improving the quality of your time.

Popular questions and answers

1What guarantees do you offer?
We offer all customers on high quality investments, for materials used during construction and for pricing in the current market. This means they must have their price, our main target is to find assets at a lower price and than offer great deal to you, with the possibility of short term gain.
2How do you assist me during buying or selling properties?
All our customers will get for free the Five Diamonds support package for buying and selling. This package includes the complete legal process in every phase of the deal thanks to our team of experts that will guide you step by step. We also have a notary in our headquarters exclusively for our clients.
3How do I know that a house in Ibiza is a good investment?
It is sufficient to look at official data provided by Spanish Ministry of Economy since 2014. In this period value in Ibiza went up by 18% per year! Also consider that because of its climate, wild nature, rich services and easily reachable from all Europe geographic position, Ibiza represents the perfect destination for more tourists that are choosing it as place to stay in for great part of the year.
4What are real costs related to buying a property in Ibiza?
Aside from the property, the customer must bear these costs:
  • Notary costs: tariffs are regulated by the State and are equal for all services. During execution prices vary from 600 to 875 Euros, depending on property cost.
  • Cadastre: cadastral certificates identify precisely the asset. Tariffs are set by rules and vary depending on the property, usually between 400 and 650 Euros.
  • Tax: the amount depends on property price and varies if it is new construction…
    - For new houses, the main expense is IVA, 10% of the house, for old ones 4%
    - Recorded juridical acts (IAJD), tax derived from notary sign and registration in cadastre, generally between 0,5 and 1,5% of sale value
    - Registry Tax (ITP), amount depends on percentages of the process, usually between 6 and 10%
With a mortgage there are additional costs…
  • Property tax: an expert establishes property value, so the bank can decide the amount of the loan. Usually it is around 80% of buying price or estimated value. The expert cost is offered by Five Diamonds so it is free for its clients
  • Other: signing for mortgage comprehends all these extra expenses. But, because of recent verdicts, not all of them must be paid by the customer. Banks like BBVA, Bankia and Santander pay for some of these costs, and they are a direct rapport with Five Diamonds
5How can you help me with special requests?
Our customers can fill in the form online below or directly in our agency, indicating all characteristics they desire for the property. Position, number of rooms, swimming pool, garden, etc… Thanks to the big contact network of Five Diamonds we are able to find quickly the house you are looking for and to organize a visit.

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